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Schipperke Pattern Set Beading Patterns

Schipperke Pattern Set Beading Patterns

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Schipperke Pattern Set Beading Patterns


In 2000, my mom called me to tell me about the dog she had just adopted. She told me she got a Schipperke. At the time, I worked on Saturdays bathing dogs at a grooming shop in Southern California that had about 25 dogs a day – not one of them was a Schipperke. I had to Google to see what my little brother looked like! In 2003, I moved into the same house with him and Mom.

Smokey was an AMAZING little dog.

When mom passed away in 2009, he became my baby and I had him until Jan 30, 2017 – he was 17 ½ years old! I was already working on this set when he crossed the rainbow bridge.

The paw print is from a picture of one of his back feet.

Actual size Realistic Beadscape graph
Larger Flat Graphs to bead from

Schipperke Earrings - 1.33 x 1.25
Schipperke Pendant - 1.55 x 1.45
Schipperke pouch - 1.8 x 1.65
graph I used to make my fringe

Word chart for pouch
charts for the earrings and the pendant

Just added - re-charted for suncatcher
Custom Beaded Schipperke Suncatcher

Top medallion - 2" x 2 1/8"

bottom paw print - 1 1/4" x 1 1/2"

photos of the finished earring, pendant set, sun catcher and both sides of the pouch.

14 Pages to print


Save paper and ink - Read your pattern on your favorite tablet or e-reader. I keep all my tutorials on my iPad so I can have them with me all the time. I often beaded from my laptop on the table next to where I bead before I had the iPad.

All my tutorials and patterns are designed for you to use to create beadwork. I give my permission for you to make and sell things made from my patterns and tutorials. I will never charge more for a tutorial giving permission to sell things made from my stuff. I think it's such a rip off to do that. If you wish to teach my patterns or projects, please contact me and we will work out something.

This is a tutorial for electronic delivery only. This is for your personal use. You may make items and sell them but please do not share or sell my tutorial.

no refunds


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Schipperke Pattern Set Beading Patterns

Schipperke Pattern Set Beading Patterns

Schipperke Pattern Set Beading Patterns

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