Cone and Loop Seed Bead Earring Tutorial

Posted by on Feb 3, 2019 in Earrings, Tutorials


Pretty cone earrings with loops of pretty seed beads hanging from it.
simple to make and you can sell them easily at craft shows.

I prefer using size 15 round Japanese seed beads for them. I also have a small hoard of size 13 charlottes because of this earring. They give the earring a little extra sparkle.

10 pages to print



Save paper and ink – Read your pattern on your favorite tablet or e-reader. I keep all my tutorials on my iPad so I can have them with me all the time. I often beaded from my laptop on the table next to where I bead before I had the iPad.

All my tutorials and patterns are designed for you to use to create beadwork. I give my permission for you to make and sell things made from my patterns and tutorials. I will never charge more for a tutorial giving permission to sell things made from my stuff. I think it’s such a rip off to do that. If you wish to teach my patterns or projects, please contact me and we will work out something.

This is a tutorial for electronic delivery only. This is for your personal use. You may make items and sell them but please do not share or sell my tutorial.

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